What is the Revised Publication Local Plan?

The Revised Publication Local Plan sets out the vision and framework for guiding future development within the Borough between now and 2034. It identifies the number and locations for new homes, jobs and businesses being planned for, and what infrastructure is required to support them. This includes new roads and improvements to existing roads, schools, healthcare facilities, open spaces and leisure facilities.

The policies within the Local Plan will also be used to determine all future planning applications.

Other documents being published alongside the Revised Publication Local Plan include:

  • Its evidence base – this is the research, assessments and technical studies that have be used to inform the Local Plan
  • Its Sustainability Appraisal incorporating the Strategic Environmental Assessment (2018)
  • Its Habitats Regulations Assessment (2018)
  • Its Service Impact Assessment (2018)
How long is the consultation?

The consultation will run for just over six weeks from Thursday 1 November to 5pm on Monday 17 December 2018.

What is a Regulation 19 Consultation?

This is the final stage of consultation before the plan is submitted to the Planning Inspectorate. It is more technical than previous consultations, which were called Regulation 18 consultations, as comments need to focus on whether the plan is legally compliant and consistent with national policy, which is known as the test of ‘Soundness’.

Once the plan is submitted to the Planning Inspectorate only the appointed Inspector who independently examines the plan during an “Examination in Public” in Summer 2019 will be able to make changes to it. They will consider the contents of the plan alongside all the comments received during this Regulation 19 consultation and the supporting documents and evidence.

What does legal compliance mean?

For a Local Plan to be legally compliant it must have been prepared following the correct procedures and processes as required by European Directives and legislation. The relevant core national legislation is the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 (as amended), the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2012, and the Equality Act 2010 and the Human Rights Act 1998.

What is the Test of Soundness?

This is what the Planning Inspector will assess the plan against during the Examination in Public. The Test of Soundness is set out in national policy called the National Planning Policy Framework. For a plan to be sound it must be positively prepared, justified, effective and consistent with national policy. For a plan to be sound it must be positively prepared, justified, effective and consistent with national policy.

What do you need to include in your response?

You can provide your comments in a few ways, either online through the Council’s website or in the specially designed Consultation Response Booklet. Both methods will guide you through what information you need to provide, in order for the Inspector to be able to consider your comments.

If you do not provide your comments as recommended above you will need to be clear in your response whether your comments relate to the test of soundness or legal compliance. The Inspector will also need to know whether you would like to speak at the Examination in Public in Summer 2019.

Who can respond to the consultation?

The consultation is open to everyone and it is the final consultation before it goes to the Planning Inspectorate.

How do you respond to the consultation?

The easiest way to give your comments is online via the Council’s consultation portal.

If you are unable to provide your comments online, the Council has produced a specially designed Consultation Response Booklet, which you can pick up from your local library or the Basildon Centre, or download off of the Council’s website at www.basildon.gov.uk/localplan.

Alternatively, the Council could post a copy of the Consultation Response Booklet to you on request. Please call 01268 533333 (Option 5) to request this.

Once completed it must be emailed to planningpolicy@basildon.gov.uk or sent to:

Local Plan Consultation, Basildon Borough Council, The Basildon Centre, St Martin’s Square, Basildon, Essex, SS14 1DL

Whether you choose to submit your comments online, or using the Consultation Response Booklet returned by post/email, responses MUST be received by the Council no later than 5pm on Monday 17 December 2018. Late responses will not be accepted and you must ensure you leave enough time for postage.

Where can I find out more information?

The Revised Publication Local Plan and all its supporting documents are available to view online at www.basildon.gov.uk/localplan.

There will also be unmanned information points at the main local libraries and within the reception area of the Basildon Centre during the consultation period. The Revised Publication Local Plan and other supporting documents will be available to view at these information points and there will be copies of the Consultation Response Booklet which you can take away.

You can also contact the Council on 01268 533333 and select Option 5 or planningpolicy@basildon.gov.uk.

Will there be ‘public exhibitions’ like last time?

Not this time. As the consultation is different the Council will instead be running Local Plan Advice Sessions at the Basildon Centre, the main Council offices, on specific dates and times between Tuesday 13th November and Thursday 6th December 2018.

These are One to One sessions with Council officers and are designed to assist people who want to respond to the consultation, but are unsure of how to do so.

Sessions must be booked in advance by clicking here or contacting the Planning Policy Team. If you have any trouble booking a place, please contact the Planning Policy Team on 01268 533333, Option 5.

Can you attend the Local Plan Advice Sessions without booking in advance?

Officers will only be able to see those people who have booked a time slot in advance. Therefore to ensure your journey is not wasted, please book in advance.